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Ordre Souvérain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem

  The Regency Council


A dream come through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words. Ecclesiastes 5:3

In this regard we need not give a long answer to Monsieur Haimovici-Hastier’s many words.

The explanation for our action has already been given in the letter of explanation to the Expulsion Decree which we had to issue against him. There is enough evidence that not WE are traitors but that HE is the one and only traitor against the Order and the ideals of Templarhood.  And he continues his treason against the Order by spreading Order internals everywhere and sharing them with people who are not members of the Ordre Souvérain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem – as his last email clearly shows.

Before making an early judgement, everybody should answer this question: Why did so many good Templars and even close companions and High Officers of the Order leave Haimovici-Hastier or resign from him?

The answer is clear: Because he behaves like a tyrannical autocrat, a person who is not concerned with the Order and its proper development, but exclusively with exercising a supposed “power” he believes to have over others, demanding obedience and submission to his personal arbitrariness without listening to advice in most cases. He avoids all criticism and ultimately does not tolerate any contradiction.  The experience with him was that any advice, that did not correspond with his imagination, was taken as treason by him. And a most frequent experience was that he steadily projects his own shortcomings and faults on others.

It was to be expected,  that Haimovici-Hastier would fall again to his well known and oftentimes practiced habit to declare everyone a traitor who in his eyes does not comply with him. Up to now result that 100% of all Grand Priores in the past six months were declared traitors and expelled, even if we can agree on the action taken for several of them, when all your dignitaries are classified traitors, maybe the reality is different and the biggest traitor is the only person left. 

And it might happen that someone gets the idea to join him to easily get high charges  Those must be told that any loyalty to the person Nicolas Haimovici Hastier will be rewarded badly. He is friend with people as long as he needs them and has the impression they are useful to them. But this kind of friendship is forgotten very easily once they do not share his opinion. And as we see in his email, he does not hesitate to spread lies and slander against former companions and friends.

It must be added, that the Templar Order with its spiritual heritage (there is no legal heritage) is not one person. It consists of its Knights and Dames and of the National Grand Priories. Four Grand Priories were left to Mister Hastier: Italy, Croatia, Latvia and Germany. By getting rid of the members of the Regency Council, Hastier got rid of the Grand Priors of these four Grand Priories and their Knights and Dames. Thus he lost all the Grand Priories. So where is the Order?

Concerning the usage of the Name OSMTJ: WE are the OSMTJ and therefore can make rightful use of the names, seals and Coat of Arms – because Nicolas Haimovici Hastier is expelled and no longer member of the Order. Besides: presently there are at least four organizations using that name.

We intend not to care any longer, what Mister Hastier says or does. And certainly we will not waste any more time on his fatiquing tirades. We will step forward and call for elections . Together with the new Masterwe will transform the OSMTJ from a dictatorship of an individual into a true Brotherhood of many and thus prevent the possibility for any individual to usurp the Order for himself, as it was in the ancient times. All Templars of good will, who want to participate in this new life of the Order, are welcome! We walk and act together in order to restore a real Templar life within the Ordre Souvérain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem.

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Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam!


Fr. Thomas Kohwagner, KGCTJ, GM Seneschal OSMTJ, Grand Prior OSMTJ Germany

Fr. Marco Ponzalino, KGCTJ, GM Marshal, Grand Prior OSMTJ Italy

Fr. Robert Erent, KGCTJ, Advisor, Grand Prior OSMTJ Croatia

Fr. Vladimirs Kovalevskis, Advisor, Grand Prior OSMTJ Latvia