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In order for everyone to understand why the Council was forced to expel Nicolas H. H. from the Order, here attached you can find several documents that are the proof of the real story.

Nicolas H. H. start to attack each member of the Council, the ONLY Grand Priors that stayed loyal to him after the Mangum coup of December 2019, those personal attacks using false affirmations, distorting facts and insulting the honor of each of us.

The only answer we got was, READ ARTICLE 9 stating the absolute power of the "Regent", that means no one of our suggestions were taken into account and we were treated as puppets.

At the end al those distorting facts or just invented ones, were used at the end as a motivation to issue a decree of expulsion for three members of the Council (if you read it carefully there are not any real motivation for an expulsion and those stated are also not true).

The Decree of expulsions was taken back by him few days later when the fourth member of the Council tried a last effort of mediation. Nicolas H. H. agreed a roadmap to shift the power of the order to the Council (were he still was the President) and to go for elections. Unluckily Nicolas H. H. did not follow any step of this roadmap less than change the name of the Magisterial Council in Regency Council (it is obvious that without a Master a Magisterial Council cannot exist).

We were still waiting for the next steps of Nicolas H. H. and without any action from our side we got again a decree of expulsion.

The Council had no other choices than to publish a Decree expelling Nicolas H. H. from the Order. (Decree that was ready from March, but that we refrain to publish because we were willing to find a reasonable compromise). During the same time we learned that Nicolas H. H. was seeking help from the new self-elected Master of the separatists of the OSMTJ, betraying again the Order and was trying to create a new OSMTJ association try to involve a Commander of the GP of Italy and a third old Mason and Templar not of our Order.

All those steps show clearly that the only interest of Nicolas H. H. is Nicolas H. H., its own power and all the games he can play in order to stick on it, no matter how big is the damage he does to the Order, that he has by fact destroyed.

The Order cannot bear other months of inactivity frozen by the short vision of a 92 years old man.
We are very sad for the good  things he did in the past for the Order, but when a person fail to recognize its limits, due probably to the age and refuse to step aside taking into account only his personal decisions against all the suggestions of the Council and leading the Order to loose 90% of its Knights to Mangum.

Now with our decision no one Knight was left under the tyranny of Nicolas H. H.

We have to save the Order, we will build it again all together !!!!


Here you can see the letter in which Nicolas H. H. abrogate the first Decree of expulsion


This is the mediator letter AGREED by Nicolas H. H., but no significant step was taken by him to fulfill it, it was another loose of time.

This is our common idea, our common Order.

There is a war going on for our Order right now, not a war within the Order. I ask you all to consider your actions and sit down at a table and agree on how to defend yourself against an enemy outside our environment.

So, please, there is enough attacking between us.

I approached the Order, not one person.

The order must have leadership.

We cannot function this way for long. We have lost three months and the enemy is just waiting for our fall.

They win the battles because we fight between ourselves. So we can't win a war. 

Please consider my final suggestion to all of us.

In order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to preserve our Order, it is necessary that the warring parties agree to concessions.

1. There are no mutual attacks or accusations.

2. Establishment of the Regents Council.

3. Withdrawal of decisions to expel members of Regent Council.

4. For now the Regent Nicholas is president of the Regent council.

5. Council members are equal in everything and the current president is Nicholas.

6. All five are involved in decision-making together, and if unanimous, the Regent as president of the Regent council approves them and reports to the public through Secretary Vladimirs.

7. In view of the global crisis caused by the virus, the Order is further led by a Council in which everyone is equal.

Once the crisis will pass, a decision will be made on previous talks on elections within the Order.

8. Communication between all members of Regent Council must be established.

9. Urgent activation of international registration to preserve the name of the Order.

10. Announcement of decisions on the new website.

11.Establish international contacts with other similar Associations that support the current leadership of our Order.

12. The announcements must be approved by all members of the Council with their signature before they are published.


Please consider my proposal, because the current situation is unsustainable for the future of our Order.

I hope I have not offended anyone with my letter, but that is my opinion and attitude.

Your humble brother, always faithful to the Order


Non nobis Domine